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General Information

Pre-admission arrangements


Parents of all prospective Reception children have the opportunity to view the school and meet with staff.  Local playgroups and nurseries work closely with the Foundation team to help develop pre-school links.  Staff visit all settings and meet with any children due to start school in September.  Parents are invited to attend a meeting held in the summer term prior to their child starting school and another meeting soon after their children start school.  Children are also invited to a ‘taster day’ during this term.  Uniform is available to purchase from an online supplier - Nationwide School Uniform.


Children enter the school in the September of the year that they are five. They spend their initial year in Reception which is also known as the Early Years Foundation Stage. They then spend a further two years in the key stage one (infant) department before moving to the key stage two department (junior school.) During the final term, pupils transferring to local secondary schools get the chance to spend the day there to familiarise themselves with the school.



Kids Club


Apart from after school activities we do offer a child-minding facility in the form of Kids Club. This runs everyday and before school from 7.45am to 8.45am and after school from 3.15 to 5.45 pm. Please note there is a charge for this service.


Special  Educational  Needs


Children experiencing learning difficulties are supported by the class teacher who differentiates the tasks to the ability and pace of learning of the child.  However, some children need a little more support and for this we have a teacher designated to oversee the pupils who find learning difficult.  This person is the Special Needs Co-Ordinator who ensures that the Code of Practice is followed.  This is a Government Paper which lays out procedures for children who find any aspect of learning difficult.  These children’s names are placed on the school’s confidential register and an individual education plan is devised to address the area for support.  These plans are reviewed regularly with parents and once the child has mastered the specified difficulty their name is removed from the register.


However, if a child has greater needs the Specialist Teaching and Applied Psychology Service may be contacted for advice. 


Home Learning


Parental support is vital to children’s learning. It is proven that children who establish an early home learning habits, particularly those who learn with their parents, are more successful at school. However, it is important to remember the need to balance work and play activities. There must still be time for children to play, follow hobbies and other outside interests. 


All children are be encouraged to read /share books.  DFE Guidelines for Homework expect that every child will read, or be read to, for 10-20 minutes every day.  Parents have an important role to play by encouraging reading at home and supporting our Home-School reading partnership. Younger children will have a book to take home each day and this is recorded in their home reading book.  Older children are expected to read to themselves every day and are given specific reading tasks from time to time.  As the children go through the school, they will receive more home learning.


Educational Visits


During the school year children may visit places of interest, often in connection with a project or environmental work. Speakers or live theatre in school may also be arranged.


Under the requirements of the Education Reform Act 1988 we can only raise the cost of visits or activities by voluntary contributions and we hope all parents will support them.  We believe that these trips enhance children’s education.


Charging & Remissions Policy for School Activities


The school and governors comply with the rules of the Education Reform Act 1988 in this area.  Please see the full policy on this in our policy area of the website.


Breakages and Fines


If, as a result of a pupil’s behaviour, a window is broken or a text book is defaced, damaged or lost, or damage is caused to school property, parents will be asked to pay replacement costs, or costs incurred in repairs.




The school does not provide insurance cover for personal accidents to pupils.  It is the responsibility of parents to arrange insurance cover, e.g.  for a disabling accident on the sports field etc.  There is no insurance for loss or damage to a child’s personal effects, again parents must arrange this cover for themselves.


Finding Out About Your Child


We welcome you, as parents, into the school and your interest and support are highly valued as is any help you may be able to offer.  Parents are always welcome to come in and discuss any issues or concerns they may have.  Working together, we can ensure all our children reach their full potential.  If you would like information about your child’s progress, or anything else to do with their education and welfare, then please come into school and talk to us.


Members of the S.L.T. are always available in the mornings greeting the children as they come into school and are able to pass on any parental concerns or messages to the teaching staff. If you would like to speak to a member of staff please contact the office for an appointment.  In this way, the teacher can see you at a mutually convenient time and you will be free from interruption. 


School Reports


Parents are informed of their children’s progress three times a year.  In the autumn and spring terms this takes place on parents’ evenings when children’s work may be discussed and any concerns can be raised.  Written reports are sent home in the summer term and there is an opportunity to discuss the content of these reports with class teachers if parents wish to do so. 




We are sure your children will be happy at our school.  It is our aim to provide the best possible education for them.  However, sometimes things do go wrong and if you have any concerns or complaints, we want to know.


In the first instance contact your child’s teacher if this does not clear the matter then please contact the Head of School.  Usually matters can be easily cleared up, however, if you are still not satisfied, the next step is to contact the Executive Head and then the Chair of Governors.


Should parents wish to make a formal complaint to the Governing Body and/or the Local Education Authority, please contact the school office. The policy for dealing with Parental Concerns is available on this website.


Child Protection


Pinchbeck East Academy is a safe environment for children.  Through collective worship and lessons, children are helped to understand what is and is not acceptable behaviour towards them.  They are also taught about staying safe from harm and how to speak up if they have worries or concerns.  Through our day to day contact with pupils, and direct work with families, school staff have a crucial role to play in noticing indicators of possible abuse or neglect and in referring concerns to the appropriate agency.  We will report anything we feel is a concern to Social Services and we would rather be considered to have over reacted than not to have responded to an incident.


If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the school on 01775 723841.


Equality of Opportunity 


All children regardless of race or gender will be treated with the same degree of care and attention.  All pupils will have the same rights of access to age appropriate activities in all aspects of school life.  Governors are updated termly on any incidents of racial abuse or bullying and equal opportunities in practice are integral to the school’s ongoing self evaluation procedures.  At Pinchbeck East we have made a commitment that, wherever possible, children with physical disabilities will be educated in their local primary school. If required, adaptations to the building will be considered by the school and the Local Authority to enable a child to attend our school.  The school’s disability equality policy and accessibility plan are available on this website.


Health and Safety


Pinchbeck East Academy accepts that health and safety is an integral part of all activities and believes that the only effective approach to injury, ill health and loss prevention is one based on the active participation of everyone and the systematic identification of hazards and the assessment and control of risks. Appropriate health and safety standards will be applied to all activities. A health and safety sub-committee meet regularly throughout the year. The safety of our children is paramount and under constant review.


Road Safety


Pinchbeck East Academy is incredibly busy during dropping off and picking up times, so please follow these guidelines to avoid potentially dangerous situations:-


Please Do:


  • Stay away from the yellow zig-zag lines
  • Park sensibly on Knight Street, Forge Crescent and Fennell Road
  • Follow the speed limit


Please Don’t


  • Park in residents’ driveways
  • Perform three point turns outside school
  • Park on the pavement
  • Park in the staff car park


Cycling to School


We take steps to educate the children in road safety but need the full co-operation of parents. We encourage as many children as possible to walk or cycle to school. Please do not park in the school car park as access is required at all times.


Absences & Late Arrival for School


There are strict Government rules on unauthorised absence from school. If your child is absent from school through ill health we must be notified of the reason by note, telephone or by word of mouth from the parent.  This is by notification to the school office.


If you need to keep the child away from school for a longer period of time, approval has to be sought from the Head of School. The Head of School is NOT able to authorise holidays in term time.


Should it be necessary to take your child out of school for any form of medical treatment, please send in a letter to the office one day before, advising of the time you intend to collect your child.


Late arrival at school is recorded. If a child arrives at school after registration this is regarded as an absence and it will be necessary for a reason to be given to the secretary.




At Pinchbeck we have a Behaviour Policy which lays down very clearly for each class the behaviour which is expected.  If, however, the expectation of behaviour is not realised, then there are very clear sanctions.


Important Information


The school office is open from 8.00am until 4.00pm. It is very important that parents keep the school up-to-date with certain information. 


Lots of information is available on the website – make sure you keep abreast of all the current news. We also use Call Parents whereby you may receive information from us via text or email so please make sure you keep us up to date with these.


Change of address – in the event of moving home please let us know contact telephone numbers of parents – if your child is taken ill during school, we must be able to contact you. Please make sure we have a current number.