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The Curriculum


The National Curriculum is mandatory for all Foundation Schools and is prescribed by the Government. The way that the curriculum is delivered is, however, left to the school. At the start of every year we will send you an outline of the curriculum your child will be covering that year with regular updates throughout the term.  The children’s school years have been apportioned into three key stages: Foundation (Reception class), key stage one (Year 1 and Year 2) and key stage two (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.)  English, Mathematics, Science and ICT have been designated as ‘core’ subjects and as such feature more prominently. The other subjects or Foundation subjects (History, Geography, Art, Design Technology, Music, French, PSHE and PE) are compulsory and form the remainder of the work covered at school. Religious Education is also required to be taught by law.


At Pinchbeck East Primary, we love reading! We regularly update our school library to include up to date, exciting books for all ages. We encourage the children to read regularly. To support our children’s learning we use the Letters and Sounds Phonics programme accompanied by guided reading sessions.

For further information, please see the Oxford Owl link below.

What does this mean in terms of reporting my child’s progress?


All schools have a statutory duty to at least once a year provide a written report to parents outlining their child’s academic achievements, their other skills and abilities and their progress in school for each core subject (English, mathematics and science), religious education and the foundation subjects (history, geography, computing, art & design, design technology, music, PSHE, physical education and modern foreign languages). The school will advise you whether your child is meeting the age related expectations for the (core) subjects and how they are supporting your child if they are not.


In addition to this, if your child is taking statutory assessments(phonics or KS1 or KS2 tests), you will be informed of your child’s performance in these tests.

Long Term Curriculum Maps